Evolutionary Hymn

Louis Thillaye

Opening Saturday July 1st
6 - 9 pm

A sheep thinking of another sheep, a stylized version of itself, adds a new layer to a painting from a former exhibition. A residue of a proliferation of coins and cells spills onto the urban environment. To the left, a drawing of a self-centered, floating face is looking at you. He is unrecognizable. From his personality emanates a halo divided in four and pointing in four directions. An evolutionary chair, designed to lead you for a whole lifetime, is put next to a divan. Together they form a potential structure for contact. The title of the divan comes from a citation inscribed on a bench in a garden in Oxford that reads It’s not the years in your life that counts, it’s the life in your years. The divan extends the exhibition into the back room, a dead end. On a separate wall is a photo of a double-faced cockroach on an interior floor.