Well Said the Wolf
16.06 - 16.07.2016

Sif Hedegård
Olga Pedan

Opening Thursday June 16th
6 – 9 pm, performance at 8 pm

Did you know that the closest known habitable planet to earth is called Wolf 1061c? When I look at depictions on t-shirts or posters of wolfs howling at the moon, I get the feeling of
being on a planet in space. Once I spelled Wolf as Woolf.
I Know That Feel
Yesterday on amazon I read a review of a book that I like. The anonymous user thought the book was pretentious and that the characters were like cardboard.
I broke my way through your nose out of my face
A lot of people believe in spirit animals, maybe every second human being believes that animals can talk. Very few people hate the moon.
The sun was a great red ball
Did you know that Poland never went into space?