How Deep is the Ocean
Curated by Arlène Berceliot Courtin
19.11 – 10.12.2016

Math Bass
Steve Bishop
Rochelle Feinstein
Mélanie Matranga
Albert Mertz

Opening Saturday November 19th
6 – 9 pm

Red or blue. Do we really have to ask which came first? Two primary colors whose similarities, like their differences, seem to reveal nothing of their conscious states. Concentrate of existence. Amorous shortcut. How Deep Is The Ocean(?)

From this voyage in the Baltic sea, we retain its intense concentration of iodine as well as its oceanic briskness in the form of electric neon blue once sickening to the retina. This time it will reveal itself in a “just out of the bath” version seeming to defy gravity by a mysterious weight deep in its lapels, but also its protagonists of colorimetry borrowed from the anaglyphic process having the particularity of producing vision in three-dimensions by the expert overlay of its filters: one blue, the other red. Decidedly, they stick to the skin.

At the same time, the stopping of the image unfolds to allow a glimpse of its object. “Object, hide thyself!” Chris Marker’s cat said when he spoke about Paris. Maybe it was hidden in costumes - plein air paintings whose stripes (symbols of modern painting) flirt with the signature of the founding member of BMPT, questioning on this occasion the status of this ocean of possible objects oscillating between initial and ultimate function. Or is it dissimulated in the content of messages in which we project “Love” in multi-sender ou pluri-recepient speech bubbles. Is it possible to escape the algorithms of matching today? Extracted from their contexts, the terminologies of this vocabulary belong as much to intimate language as to public flattery appearing all the more rich of meaning, somewhat justifiable, still less quantifiable, pure immediate expressions of taste, in sum!

Producing then the encoding of compliments and the strips of fabric where letters and temporalities overlap, taking the opportunity to sign “Always Yours”.